marketing Services

When it comes to working with you to achieve your marketing aims, I always do more than just tick the box. It really matters that you can trust me to get results, so the first step is for me to understand exactly what you’re aiming to achieve.

Every organisation has different reasons for developing. From strategy and planning to day-to-day marketing activities, as your trusted marketing expert, I’ll work with you to design and implement an approach that fits the needs of your business, your budget and your objectives.

  • In need of an expert to lead your marketing activity - but don’t have the budget for a permanent member of the team?

  • Looking for a sense check about a new campaign - and want to ensure it’s going to work?

  • Concerned that your marketing efforts are not cost-effective? Try an external expert to ensure you’re getting good value.

  • Looking for an in-depth marketing strategy to turn around your performance?

  • Launching a new service? Make sure the right people know about you.


You’ll benefit from intensive marketing activity from an experienced expert, with weekly and monthly updates to keep you up to speed. At all stages I’ll review and monitor activity, providing you with monthly reporting of on and offline activities including the return on any investment you make.

When I’m working for you, I’m your most motivated colleague. Your business matters to you - and so it matters to me. To take advantage of expert marketing management at a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member, let’s start talking.

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