Planning & strategy


Having a marketing plan is essential for keeping your organisation on track about what you are trying to achieve. It allows you to focus on what will work to help you achieve your business objectives - and it also allows you to say ‘no’ to what won’t work.


Marketing is often made over complicated by the tools which are designed to help organisations to reach their audience. It’s common to see businesses with multiple social media accounts which are now lying dormant and out of date, or organisations taking adverts in magazines which seem to go up in price each year without any evidence they are having any impact on customer numbers.

Your marketing strategy will give you an evidence-based way ahead for marketing your organisation, using tactics you or your marketing team are confident about. It will allow you to understand what works for you and your business, and give you the tools to calculate the return on your investment.


You can then take the strategy and action plan and carry out the activities in-house, or hire me as your outsourced marketing manager to take it forward. Whichever way you choose to work with me, you’ll have a marketing plan you can be confident in.

How it works

  • To start, I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire which will give me all the basics about you and your organisation.

  • Next, we’ll have an in-depth discussion which covers your organisation’s story and history, your marketing and financial objectives, your customers, patients or stakeholders, your future plans and your current marketing activity (if any).

  • I'll carry out a first impressions review to understand how and where you're found by your customers and stakeholders. I’ll look at your digital and offline presence, consider your customers and how to engage them, review your competitors and work out the most effective way to position your organisation so we can meet your objectives.

  • With this in mind, I’ll then move on to creating a strategy - covering on and offline activity - to help your business gets to where it needs to be.

  • We’ll then review the strategy together to ensure you’re confident it hits the spot.

  • Then, the next step will be for me to create action plans which turn the strategy into reality - step by step guides to take the plan from the page and into action. Depending on the timing of your objectives, this might be a three-month, six-month or year-long plan.

  • When you invest in creating a marketing plan, you will receive five full days of expert marketing support to research, define and create a strategy and generate your action plans.

  • This includes an initial three-hour kick-off meeting (preferably face to face, but Skype is great too), as well as four one-hour phone or Skype calls throughout the process, to ensure you’re happy that the strategy is right for your business, and that you’re confident to take the action plans forward.

  • Finally, you’ll also have the opportunity to call or email me to troubleshoot or provide further guidance for the duration of your action plan. 

To focus your marketing activity with a plan that works, let’s start talking!