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I’ve had the pleasure of working for some utterly fantastic managers who’ve collectively had an enormous impact on how I approach marketing - plainly: doing more of the stuff that works - and refusing to let marketing jargon and buzzwords distract from the work of ensuring businesses meet their objectives.

As a stand-alone marketer, or as a small team in a bigger business, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day operational work, to become reactive instead of strategic or to lose sight of the business objectives in the face of conflicting responsibilities. Sometimes, the best thing to do is take stock of your marketing activity by talking it out with an independent expert. 

Mentoring can be one-off, once a month or more - whatever works for you or your team. I can equip you or your team with tactics and guidance to carry out their own plans or I'll go on to create a marketing plan which they can take forward. 

We can talk on the phone or via Skype or I can come to your office so we can get really geeky about marketing for a couple of hours. You’ll also have the opportunity to call me once again after each session to tackle anything else that comes up. 

If you’re looking for expert guidance for your existing in-house marketers, or you’re missing out on a marketing expert to provide guidance, to challenge your activities or develop new ways to hit your targets, get in touch.  You’ll feel more confident, in control and focused, and after each session, you’ll have a SMART, concise and achievable plan to get you back on track or meet your new objectives - whatever they might be.

Your professional development matters to you - and that means it matters to me.

To find out how marketing mentoring can benefit you or your marketing team, let’s start talking. 

 "I love helping people  piece together all the elements of a brilliant marketing approach that gets results."