Since medical cannabis was made legal in the UK in November 2018, patients with chronic and long-term conditions have struggled to access this treatment.


With medical cannabis now legal and being prescribed for patients in countries including Germany, New Zealand, Canada and America, I’m pleased to be working as a marketing specialist with UK-based organisations committed to opening up access for patients as well as equipping clinicians with the education and support they need to prescribe this life-changing medication.


As we have seen with the enormous recent growth in the acceptance, availability and now widespread market of CBD oils, snacks and wellness products, we will see the medical cannabis industry in the UK develop over the coming years. Overcoming the negative image of street cannabis to allow medical cannabis treatments to be seen in the same way as traditional, first-line medications in treating people with very complex needs is one of many challenges for this new industry. 

I work closely with Professor Mike Barnes and Patient Advocate, Hannah Deacon as part of Maple Tree Consultancy, an organisation which provides expert strategy, leadership and business development to new medical cannabis organisations entering the global marketplace. 

I also work as Communications Director of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, and act as Secretary to the Cannabis Industry Council.

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