Opening your new care home or specialist care service is such an exciting time - there's oh, at least a million things to think about, not least arranging your CQC registration and recruiting the right team.

When it comes to marketing your services and ensuring there's a steady stream of referrals as you approach opening, you can count on me to take care of everything.

Marketing your new service

Working with care home providers to open their new services is one of my favourite things to do.

From the start of the building work - whether it's a new build or a refurbishment - there's so much you can do to ensure all the right people know about your new service.

I'll work with you to create a strategy that leads to success - including events, digital advertising, community and stakeholder engagement, working with charities - as well as the basics like ensuring your website is working well, you're using social media effectively and your stakeholders are receiving regular updates.

Top tips for marketing your new care home

  1. Start early. Marketing your new care home should never be an afterthought - it's something you should start even before the first brick is laid.

  2. Identify your stakeholders - and stay in touch with them! Professionals, charities and individuals with the power to refer or signpost to your new service are incredibly important. Do you know who they are? And more importantly - do they know who you are?

  3. Create a great story about your service. People are busy - make sure you describe what your new service is, what it will do, and how you can meet their needs and share it far and wide.

  4. Make sure people can find you - on and offline. Whether it's your online social profiles or specialist directories, ensure your service is listed everywhere it needs to be. That includes directions that actually get you to your destination - something new build services must always consider.

  5. Put your best foot forward. Invest in great photographs, interesting content about your team members, and show off all your best assets every opportunity you have. This is down to you!

  6. Work with an expert - me!

Launching Inspire Neurocare Worcester

I recently worked with the fantastic team at Inspire Neurocare to open their first specialist service in the UK - a 42 bed home in Worcester.

From writing the first tweet to hosting the Grand Opening Event, over six months I worked with the Inspire team to ensure their beautiful new service launched successfully in the community.

Here's me with Clinical Director, Michelle Kudhail and Home Manager, Marc Russell at an event where we welcomed over 50 stakeholders to tour the new service.

During the project, I engaged health and social care stakeholders, the local community, charities and not-for-profits as well as patients themselves to create a marketing campaign that showcased just how fantastic Inspire Neurocare really is, highlighting the life-changing difference they'll make to people across the region who are living with very complex disabilities.

Let's start talking

Are you planning to open an new service in 2020? Ensure the right people know that you're coming, what you're offering, and why you're the right choice.

Get in touch for an informal chat about what you're looking to achieve, and how I can help you meet your business objectives.