First impressions review 

Marketing first impressions review

With a first impressions review, I’ll research your organisation as though I'm one of your target customers or stakeholders. A very picky, demanding customer perhaps - but one with your best interests in mind! 

I’ll review and share my findings along with an action plan which will allow you to address any issues I find that could be costing you customers, compromising your reputation or confusing your stakeholders. 

A first impressions review is a must for any organisation or high profile individual looking to generate more business, raise your profile or enhance your reputation.  I’ll look at the following marketing areas and give you an action plan for each.

Your website 

Think of your website as your flagship store on Oxford Street; a visit to your website is often the first time your stakeholders will connect with your organisation, so it has to have a great first impression.


Does your site give all the information a customer or stakeholder needs? Are you easily found? Does your site work for mobile devices? 

Your online search engine results 

Have you heard that page 2 of a Google search listing is the best place to hide a dead body?

While this is perhaps a little dramatic, when it comes to being found by your target audience, you need to be up front and centre. There’s a lot of competition out there - and lots of places your audience could be going instead of finding you.


I’ll test how Google searches for your brand, and for common search terms related to your services, allow you to be found on Google and other leading search engines. 

Your social media presence

According to research by global information company Nielson, 92% of consumers around the world say they trust word-of-mouth and recommendations from their peers above all other forms of advertising.


People trust what their friends and colleagues share via social media, and so your social presence is incredibly important in helping you to meet your business objectives. Having social media channels you don’t have time to update, are on the wrong platform for your target audience and or don’t tell your brand story could be having a negative impact on your brand.


I’ll review their content, impact on stakeholders, technical set-up and overall effectiveness. 

Your online reviews 

People are already talking about you - whether on Facebook and Twitter or on review sites like TrustPilot, GoogleMyBusiness,, or any others relevant to your sector.


Finding out how to make reviews work for you starts with understanding what’s already being said - and why! 

Your print materials 

No first impressions review is complete without a review of your print materials. Your brochures, leaflets, flyers and advertising should make people feel a connection with your organisation - whatever you’re trying to achieve. It might be what’s inside that counts, but if your brochure is full of spelling mistakes or doesn’t tell your story in the right way, people won’t get inside to see you in the first place. 

Your competitors

While it’s often said that comparison is the thief of joy, when it comes to checking out your competitors, the more you know about their marketing, the better.


They are almost certainly looking at you!



A first impressions review has a set price of £400. This package cost includes all the research, reviewing and creation of practical, step-by-step action plans which you can either implement in-house, or I can put in place as part of ongoing, outsourced marketing activity. 

A first impressions review is also a great starting point in creating a marketing strategy for your organisation, and it's included as part of every marketing planning project I deliver. 


To turn your first impression into a brilliant one, let’s start talking.