meet kate

Kate Thorpe

From new market approaches to brand positioning, I create fresh and effective marketing strategies that work for your business.


I’m all about helping organisations reach their stakeholders, so I work to uncover, define and share your motivations, unique services and story in a way that inspires people to become advocates for your brand.

I’m a marketer who’s trusted to always consider why people should care and what they need to know about you. I always ask - why? I take care to understand the needs and challenges facing your stakeholders, evaluating what they need to think, feel or do for the most successful results for your organisation.

Whether you’re looking for short term strategic guidance or regular marketing expertise, when we work together you’ll benefit from a specialist, results-driven marketer, dedicated to helping you achieve your business objectives - with no long-term commitment required. Investing in marketing that’s designed just for your business is the right choice for sustainable growth.


When I’m working for you, you can trust that I’m your most motivated colleague. Your business matters to you - and so it matters to me. I offer half and day rates plus fixed costs for packages, so don’t hesitate to come to me with a brief in mind.

With me as your outsourced marketing manager, you’ll benefit from:

  • An experienced marketing expert at a fraction of the cost of a full-time colleague

  • A results-driven focus with no distractions from operational issues

  • Ongoing external expertise, ensuring a fresh and innovative approach

  • No long term commitment, no sick pay, holiday pay, pension contributions or other on costs

  • Knowing that I’ll always be your most motivated employee

When I'm working, I can't help but go 100mph, so in my spare time I'm doing my best to embrace slow living. I'm on a steep learning curve to self-sufficiency in the vegetable garden and relax by walking our spoilt Lakeland Terrier. My favourite way to unwind is by channelling my inner Stevie Nicks in a muddy Glastonbury field.

To find out more - about marketing, dogs or anything else - let's start talking!